d the hospital to their friends and families.


“EE’s contributions to our marketing strategy provided us with the know-how to build on what we’ve always known to be our strategic differentiator-a uniquely satisfying patient and family experience,” said Dr. David Bailey, president and CEO of Nemours, A.I. Dupont Hospitals for Children.


Experience Engineering carried out an “experience audit” that helped Nemours identify the gap between patient/families’ current experiences at the ED and their desired experiences. We used our special proprietary tools, such as “clue scanning,” to tap into understanding people’s thoughts and feelings  about the ED process. That, in turn, helped us in examining various “touchpoints” between hospital staff and patients and their families.


After working with EE, the Nemours teams now better understand the rational and emotional needs of patients and their families. Among many changes that Nemours implemented as a result of our “experience audit” were streamlining patient flow through the ED system and adopting color-coded attire for ED personnel to help families quickly identify nurses, doctors and other staffers.


These types of  changes to enhance “patient-family experience” at Nemours are exceedingly important for the hospital as it faces rising consumerism and growing competition from other medical facilities in the Delaware region. A 2012 Price Waterhouse Coopers survey found that 34 percent of people were willing to switch physicians if offered an ideal experience elsewhere.


Implementing effective patient experience programs can increase client loyalty, thereby leading to higher traffic, volumes, revenue and an overall standard of care.


For further information, please contact Experience Engineering at 952-942-8880 and ask for either CEO Lou Carbone  or COO Bill Schirmers.