You may have heard that Gary Friedman, CEO of Restoration Hardware, recently sent a company wide email to employees.  To his credit, Freidman does this when he wants to communicate to every member of his organization on important matters.   Communication between leaders and frontline employees can be relatively rare, so kudos to Friedman for [...]

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How Nemours’ Hospital for Children is Making the Most of Its Emergency Department Experience For Patients, Families

d the hospital to their friends and families.   “EE’s contributions to our marketing strategy provided us with the know-how to build on what we’ve always known to be our strategic differentiator-a uniquely satisfying patient and family experience,” said Dr. David Bailey, president and CEO of Nemours, A.I. Dupont Hospitals for Children.   Experience Engineering [...]

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A Car Rental Experience Gone Awry

Are the individual  “touchpoints” that make up the total experience for your customers at odds or in conflict with one another, thereby hurting your business?   It may sound simple, but if you are a company or organization that is striving to provide the best possible experiences for your customers, are you “clued in” to the “touchpoints” that together [...]

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From Across the Pond: UK’s Chris Daffy Shares on Customer Experience Management

During my more than two decades as a pioneering consultant in the field of customer experience and customer experience management, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know many great people. One of them is Chris Daffy.   Chris is a customer service and customer experience management consultant from the United Kingdom ( who has [...]

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Is Your Customer Research Out of “Focus?”

Conducting painstaking research to guide a company’s new initiatives on serving customers doesn’t always work, often doesn’t work. That research, which many times includes surveys or working with focus groups, assumes that customers will accurately report their thoughts and desires on a product, service or experience.     But time and again, companies are discovering [...]

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Retail Holiday Sales a “Feeding Frenzy,” But at What Cost to Customer and Employee Experience?

It is still  three weeks until Christmas and the feeding frenzy of holiday season sales is reaching a fever pitch. But at what cost are these endless promotions affecting customer and employee experience?   This past weekend, a growing number of major merchants pushed the start of their “Black Friday sales” earlier into the heart of [...]

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During Holiday Season, What’s The Big Deal with America’s Biggest Indoor Mall?

The Mall of America (MOA), the nation’s largest indoor retail-entertainment complex, is proving once again to be a hit with consumers doing their holiday shopping, a testament to its staying power in providing great customer experiences.   In the University of St. Thomas’s 2014 holiday spending intent survey, the Mall of America placed first among 16 enclosed [...]

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Five Opportunities Await Crusaders of Customer Experience Management

By Lewis (Lou) Carbone Founder and CEO of Experience Engineering Despite the trials that face customer experience professionals, the time is ripe for you to be a crusader for customer experience management. Recognizing this need comes when you know the breadth, depth and potential of experience management. It is all about improving the lives of [...]

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Carbone, LaTour Honored For Academic Article on Customer Memories and “Sticktion Study” named article of the year in 2014

Sage Publications, an international publisher of academic and professional learning, recently recognized “Sticktion: Assessing Memory for the Customer Experience,” by authors Lewis Carbone and Kathryn LaTour, and first published in the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (CHQ, November 2014), as 2014 Sage article of the year. The “Sticktion” article, which had previously been named by the CHQ [...]

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