Throughout his latest writing and speaking, Carbone believes it’s time for an Experience Revolution. “Experience” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue but, just as though the world experienced an Industrial Revolution, we need a paradigm shift for this new world. Carbone is continuously writing, speaking, and creating new concepts specifically around the latest developments in Experience Management theory, design, and application:

  • “Clue Consciousness” in our world today
  • Leveraging Emotion and Unconscious Thought
  • New Experience Design Paradigms and Models
  • Storytelling and Memorability Studies
  • Relevant Metrics and Video Analytics
  • Next Generation Experience Management Systems

Carbone is currently working on a 2020 edition of Clued In, writing a new book called Fusionomics, collaborating with a cutting edge VoC technology partner,  writing articles with academic connections, and appearing at upcoming industry events.

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