Join us as we unravel the riddle of the human mind.

Clued In with Lou Carbone is an opportunity to hear from Lou and guests. Recognized globally at forefront of the creation of experience management as a business discipline Lou will expand your perspectives. The impact you can make in the CX, EX, and Patient Experience space will be enhanced by Lou’s distinctive and unique vision and foresight in the space.

Season #1 Episode #1
Why a Podcast…Clued In Today
Show Notes:

In this episode, Lou Carbone will share his concern (and frustration) with the current state of CX and why he was inspired to launch his own podcast.

Join him as he lays the groundwork for Clued In the Podcast.

Season #1 Episode #2
Five Absolutes – The acid test for Experience Management
Show Notes:

Join Lou as he provides an acid test of your current CX/EX strategy and actions and introduces the 5 Absolutes of Experience Management. The 5 Absolutes outline a path to move beyond the current model of ‘break/fix’ many organizations find themselves in and into a mindset of ‘sense and respond’. This episode is short and yet leaves a powerful message all organizations should discuss as they work through their experience design.

Season #1 Episode #3
The COVID Cop-Out
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In with Lou Carbone, David Speakman (Chairman of Genus Capital Ltd and former Owner and Founder of Travel Counsellors Ltd.) joins Lou to discuss what they both refer to as the ‘COVID cop-out’. How organizations lowered service/experience standards during a time in which experience design should have taken certain stage.

Season #1 Episode #4
Journey Mapping…a Treasure Map or a Lost Horizon?
Show Notes:

In this episode Lou discusses the topic of Journey Mapping…but not for the reason you may think. Journey maps have been used in process improvement for many years and provide valuable insights for process improvement, creating efficiencies, and more. However, to create and truly distinctive experiences that provide a competitive advantage, the viewpoint taken to create your map is critical.

Are you mapping your customer’s journey by ‘walking in their shoes’ (web site visits, interactions with employees, etc.) or are you mapping the journey ‘from the mind of the customer’? Join Lou as shares his insights and how this perspective provides organizations the ability to imbed clues that create a distinct experience increase brand loyalty.

Season #1 Episode #5
Clued In…What does that mean?
Show Notes:

‘Clued In’ is more than a show title. Clues are the atomic structure of the experiences we provide to customers, employees, patients, and more. Are you aware of the clues you are providing? Some clues we create intentionally while others are haphazard and greatly detract from what otherwise would be a positive experience.

In this episode, Lou dives deeper into the concept of experience clues (functional, mechanical, and humanic) and the impression they create during and after an experience. This is critically important to organizations as our impressions shape attitudes and ultimately drive behavior. Join Lou as he shares his knowledge on the importance of being ‘clued in’.

Season #1 Episode #6
CX Challenges being faced today with Mike Wittenstein of
Show Notes:

In many organizations, CX thinking has been crammed into similar activities taking place in other departments…concerned about their numbers, profitability, or productivity. Mike Wittenstein, founder and managing partner of StoryMiners®, shares his thoughts on how CX should be a place of innovation, clear vision for the future, balancing perspectives, and making every business process and transaction a little more human.

Join Lou and Mike on this episode of Clued In the Podcast as they review the current state of CX through personal stories to help organizations embrace an adaptive strategy. As Mike shares, “…customer experience is not to optimize an existing business…it is to give it new life and help it find a better future…”

Season #1 Episode #7
Patient Experience in Healthcare with Len Berry Distinguished Professor at Texas A&M
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou has a chance to catch up with a dear friend, Len Berry, Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Texas A&M. Len shares stories of his time researching experiences at the Mayo Clinic and provides heart-felt examples of what he refers to as ’empathetic creativity’.

Len also expands on a recent article he co-authored that describes the healthcare experience to be variable, complex, and personal. From the importance of staffing the right individuals to extraordinary levels of demonstrated empathy, the stories covered in this episode will touch your heart and expand your thinking on the role ‘experience clues’ play for patients, families, and practitioners.

Link to article: Trust-Based Partnerships Are Essential — and Achievable — in Health Care Service

Season #1 Episode #8
Going from hospitality to pot (successfully…and legally!)
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou reconnects with a long-time friend and former client, Angelo Lombardi. Listen in as Angelo shares his experiences as his career went from being a COO in the hospitality industry, a COO in the legalized marijuana industry, and a CEO of an organization producing CBD products. Angelo’s message of always learning new things and being willing to step outside of your comfort zone are quite apparent in his professional career. You do not want to miss out on this one!

Season #1 Episode #9
Gaining Momentum and Velocity in Experience Management
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou discussing the difference between incremental process improvement and tactics that create momentum and velocity in your CX strategy. Often organizations look for a ‘silver bullet’ or universally applicable ‘best practices’ to boost the CX ROI. In some cases, this will provide short term gains but to create a truly distinct experience for your customers and employees requires looking at things differently…which can result in greater momentum in seeing positive returns.

Season #1 Episode #10
Let the Pixie Dust Fall Where it May!
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou shares stories of his time working with Disney and the impact that had on his perspective on experience design and his career. A key take-away was the willingness to step back and look at the entire experience as a system, rather than individual elements.

The ability Walt Disney had to understand the mind of the customer (children, parents, family, etc.) was apparent in his knowledge of the importance of creating memories through lasting impressions. A message that holds truer today than ever!

Season #1 Episode #11
Making an Impression can be a Gas!
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou takes a light-hearted (and comical) approach to what it means to create an impression. Before listening, please take a moment to watch a short video to provide…for lack of a better word…context. As a warning, you will want to turn your sound down (or use headphones) if you are in a quiet work environment!

The key takeaway from this episode is the importance of understanding how actions and clues, either positive or negative, create impressions. Those impressions play a large role in the forming of lasting memories and therefore how we perceive a person, brand, or organization.

Season #1 Episode #12
Fixing Basics: Will Real Opportunity Pass You By?
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou stresses the importance of not being stuck focusing on the basics while the true opportunity is all around you. A common trap for CX professionals is to focus their efforts on ‘fixing broken processes’ or having the mindset that you first need to ‘perfect the basics’ before you are ready to introduce new experiences.

Lou provides examples of organizations that failed to recognize the unconscious drivers of their customers and instead continued perfecting their existing processes. Focusing on process improvement is like joining a race after it started. It might feel as if you are making progress, but you also have no idea where the finish is. We need to think of starting with the customer’s desired emotion in an experience as the new starting line.

Season #1 Episode #13
The Importance of B2B Relationships
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou is joined by Ralph A. Oliva and discuss the importance of building relationships in B2B, especially in today’s world with shortages and delays brought on by the pandemic.

For years now B2B organizations have been focused on the functional, economic, and emotional impact the product has on a customer’s life or a firm’s business. But something is missing…the relationship element. This is what the customer experiences, before and after, using a product or service. How will the customer take what they have experienced with your organization and use it to move forward?

Season #1 Episode #14
Addressing Fragmentation in CX
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou is joined by Bob Azman, Chief Customer Officer & Customer Experience Consultant at Innovative CX Solutions, Emeritus Board Chairperson at CXPA, Adjunct Professor, Best-selling Author, and host of All Things Considered CX podcast.

Lou and Bob discuss the development of the CX industry along with some hurdles, and opportunities, all professionals involved in CX can take advantage of. In a profession that seems to be heavily fragmented (CX/EX/UX/Practitioner/Consultant/Platform Solution/etc.) the ability to embrace a shared view of experience management benefits everyone…especially the customer!

Season #1 Episode #15
The Importance of Asking ‘Why?’ in B2B Relationships
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou is rejoined by Ralph A. Oliva and discuss the importance of going back to a sound concept…continually asking ‘why?’. Due to the rapid changes brought on by the pandemic and other world changing events, this question is more relevant than ever.

Ralph shares several takeaways that will help CMOs, CXOs, CEOs, and others looking to modify their existing activities due to recent market changes and interruptions. Relying on market research on a quarterly, or similar, interval is no longer adequate. To stay competitive and healthy, organizations should develop systems of consistent and continual research insights.

Season #1 Episode #16
The need for an Experience Ecosystem
Show Notes:

In this episode of Clued In, Lou is joined by Shawn Nason, CX isn’t enough! Experience Evangelist from Disney Imagineer, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Entrepreneur at MOFI, Neurodiversity Advocate, and Disruptor League.

Lou and Shawn discuss the need for CX to move beyond a way of thinking or a series of activities within an organization focused on metrics. The goal is to build a system…an Experience Ecosystem that empowers all employees to understand the customer (who they are, what they desire, and more) and begin to create distinct experiential value. Shawn’s viewpoint was shaped by his years as Disney and at Humana during a time in which customer experience was a top priority.

Season #1 Episode #17
Runaway Train: Is CX in a Rut?
Show Notes:

In this short yet insightful episode of Clued In, Lou gets right to the point and poses a question for organizations…are you in a state of ‘break-through’ or ‘break/fix’? Either one may be the appropriate direction for your organization at this moment but it’s important to understand the path you are on as they do not lead to the same destination.

Focusing on break/fix (correcting the things customers tell you need improvement) may result in perfecting things customers do not perceive to be of value. Taking a ‘break through’ approach provides the ability to step back and begin to build a distinct experience for your customers (or employees) that delivers the desired emotional end-frame…how they feel about themselves in the experience!