Join us as we unravel the riddle of the human mind.

Clued In with Lou Carbone is an opportunity to hear from Lou and guests. Recognized globally at forefront of the creation of experience management as a business discipline Lou will expand your perspectives. The impact you can make in the CX, EX, and Patient Experience space will be enhanced by Lou’s distinctive and unique vision and foresight in the space.

Season #1 Episode #1
Why a Podcast…Clued In Today
Show Notes:

In this episode, Lou Carbone will share his concern (and frustration) with the current state of CX and why he was inspired to launch his own podcast.

Join him as he lays the groundwork for Clued In the Podcast.

Season #1 Episode #2
Five Absolutes – The acid test for Experience Management
Show Notes:

Join Lou as he provides an acid test of your current CX/EX strategy and actions and introduces the 5 Absolutes of Experience Management. The 5 Absolutes outline a path to move beyond the current model of ‘break/fix’ many organizations find themselves in and into a mindset of ‘sense and respond’. This episode is short and yet leaves a powerful message all organizations should discuss as they work through their experience design.