The differentiator is knowing how customers want to feel ABOUT THEMSELVES, not your organization, when interacting with your brand.

As an ad executive, Lou Carbone had an insider’s view into how cost-cutting and lack of sensitivity to customers’ needs and desires led to the demise of Howard Johnson‘s Restaurants, and how an unwavering focus on delivering an optimized customer experience led to Disney’s continued growth. The differing fates of these organizations led him to a simple yet powerful revelation: The value of the customer experience a company delivers is the totality of all the clues associated with the product or service.

And with that epiphany, Experience Engineering® was born and solely dedicated to the science of total experience management: customers & employees.

Singled out by Forrester Research as a top Enterprise Customer Experience Transformation Firm, EE has a long and successful track record with Fortune 100 businesses. From developing a strategic onboarding experiences, to improving the digital experiences, to driving the globalization of brands, our history of helping clients optimize cross-channel customer experiences is unrivaled in the industry.

We pioneered the art and science
of experience management.

The Right Experience. The Right Solution.

Experience Engineering has been widely credited with having pioneered experience management as a business discipline.

Thought Leadership

Establishing a quality experience for your customer.

Experience Is Everything

We have always believed in the power of a positive experience, big or small.


Our proven programs allow us to deliver real results.

Proven Track Record

You’ll be amazed at what Experience Engineering can do for your business.


Innovative tools that can scale up (or down) according to your needs.

Distinct Tool Set

Innovative tools that can scale up (or down) according to your needs.

Experience Engineering was founded in 1992…

Coauthored “Engineering Customer Experiences”
Coauthored white paper for MIT
CluedIn Named “Fast Company’s Reader’s Choice”
Coauthored white paper for University of Penn
Top ‘experience transformation firm’ Forrester Research
Coauthored white paper for Cornell University
Featured in Chip and Dan Heath’s book “The power of Moments”

…and we’ve been thought leaders and trusted Partners ever since.

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