Today is the day! It is the day our podcast ‘Clued In with Lou Carbone’ goes live. Recognized globally at forefront of the creation of experience management as a business discipline, Lou will expand your perspectives.

With everything being given the label of ‘CX’, it is very easy to become lost and lose perspective of what it means to truly create experiential value for your customers. Join Lou and his wide array of guests as they discuss the core of experience design and the impact that can have on your business, employees, and stakeholders.

In this first episode, Lou Carbone will share his concern (and frustration) with the current state of CX and why he was inspired to launch his own podcast. Join him as he lays the groundwork for Clued In the Podcast.

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After all. You (and therefore your customers, employees, patients, EVERYONE) cannot NOT have an experience. It is a matter of how managed or haphazard you make it.

Jeff Schwendinger
Chief Operations Officer
Experience Engineering