We help companies understand the whole customer mind.

The result is a unique competitive advantage.


Unconscious thought influences how customers experience and engage with your brand. Which is why our Total Experience Management® solution integrates art and science. We examine every aspect of your customer experience – from brick and mortar to the digital customer experience and everything in between – to gain the clarity that only comes from a deep understanding beyond what can readily be seen.

As your partner, we use our experience, methodology, and tools to help you leverage the power of the unconscious mind to deliver a total customer experience. Our proprietary toolset is recognized throughout the industry for its precision in analyzing and managing the clues interwoven in the total customer experience. Built upon the science of total experience management, our end-to-end methodology helps clients innovate from giving a haphazard, undifferentiated customer experience to delivering an intentional, highly distinctive experience based on how customers want to feel.


Uncover themes of conscious and unconscious desires in the customer experience, use customer experience audits to reveal gaps between their current and desired experiences, and highlight distinct and powerful opportunities for experience design.


Use integrated metrics and tools to develop an “experience clueprint™” for building clue-driven experiences. Our proprietary tools establish a clearly articulated and easily communicated set of “clues” that is integrated into the customer experience and is specifically engineered to drive emotional engagement and create a competitive advantage.

3. DO

Support and guide the implementation of total experience management by partnering to build a system that is committed to and capable of continuously elevating the customers experience.

We help you align your clues to deliver a valuable
customer experience and employee experience.


Total Experience Management® System

Widely recognized as the top in the industry, our flagship solution – Total Experience Management® – is proven to help companies engineer experiences that engage customers, build sustainable loyalty and affinity, and fuel the bottom line. This end-to-end solution helps clients LEARN about experiences their customers have relative to their desired experience and highlight opportunities for experience re-design, CREATE distinctive experiences that are specifically designed to create emotionally engaged customers and gain a significant competitive advantage, and DO what needs to be done to design and deliver a system of clues that fulfills and stays in sync with people’s needs, wants and desires.

We earned our reputation based on our proven scientific approach for helping companies create value via a customer-back vs. company-out perspective. Our proprietary tools are specifically designed and interconnected to give clients an end-to-end solution for making this transition, from learning to creating to getting it done.

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ClueScan® Workshop

Experience Engineering’s ClueScan Workshop is designed to help companies delve into the customer experience across all channels on both rational and emotional levels, assess the range and variety of clues customers encounter, and uncover gaps between their “current” and “desired” experience. In this highly interactive session participants learn how to evaluate experiences “through the customers’ eyes,” determine the degree to which their experiences are haphazard or managed, and design and deliver clues that engage customers emotionally.

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Experience Management Immersion Session

In this one-day strategy session, Experience Engineering collaborates with clients to understand and evaluate organizational alignment and expectations for customer experience efforts. The day concludes with a presentation about the power experience management, followed by general feedback and actionable recommendations.

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