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You cannot NOT have an experience.  The question is how haphazard or intentional is the experience your offer customers.

As an ad executive in the late 1970s, Lou Carbone had an insider’s view into how cost-cutting and lack of sensitivity to customers’ needs and desires led to the demise of Howard Johnson‘s Restaurants, and how an unwavering focus on delivering an optimized customer experience led to Disney’s continued growth.

The differing fates of these iconic companies led him to a simple yet powerful revelation: The value of the customer experience a company delivers is the totality of all the clues associated with the product or service.

And with that epiphany, Total Experience Management® was born.

Since the late 1980s, Lou has been spreading the total experience management gospel through frequent speeches, articles and his best-selling book, Clued In: How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again.

The differentiator is how customers feel about themselves when they are interacting with your brand.

Our approach is focused on one thing: intentionally designing and delivering customer experiences that drive engagement, loyalty and affinity.

Trailblazers in the field, we’ve long realized that leveraging customer experience as a value proposition begins with understanding not just what your customers think, but how they think! Given the powerful effect of unconscious thought on loyalty and preference, the entire customer experience must be built around how it causes them to feel about themselves.

While a seemingly simple concept, the impact of this out-of-the-box thinking on business results is revolutionary. Just look at today’s most beloved brands. They’re committed to filling all channels – from brick and mortar to the digital customer experience – with sensory clues that are orchestrated and managed to engage the customer. How employees are greeted on their first day of work. The music played in a store. Gestures and language used by staff. Even the triangular fold at the end of the toilet paper roll in a hotel room. All these sensory clues are purposely designed and delivered to reinforce specific thoughts and emotions – how customers want to feel.

Experience Engineering pioneered the science
of customer experience management.

The Right Experience. The Right Solution.

Founded by pioneering experience management guru, Lou Carbone, Experience Engineering has changed the face of customer experience for hundreds of major organizations.

Thought Leadership

Establishing a quality experience for your customer.

Experience Is Everything

We have always believed in the power of a positive experience, big or small.


Our proven programs allow us to deliver real results.

Proven Track Record

You’ll be amazed at what Experience Engineering can do for your business.


Lou Carbone is an internationally renowned speaker.

World Class Speaker

Want the very best in experience management speaking at your next event?

In 1992 Lou Carbone founded Experience Engineering…

Coauthored “Engineering Customer Experiences”
Coauthored white paper for MIT
CluedIn Named “Fast Company’s Reader’s Choice”
Coauthored white paper for University of Penn
Top ‘experience transformation firm’ Forrester Research
Coauthored white paper for Cornell University

…and we’ve been thought leaders and trusted Partners ever since.

In 1992, he launched Experience Engineering® Inc. – the first company dedicated solely to the science  and total experience management: customers & employees.

Word spread quickly about our robust and fully integrated groundbreaking scientific approach, and our work with Fortune 100 companies across a broad scope of industries grew by leaps and bounds. From developing a strategic onboarding experience, to improving the digital customer experience, to driving the globalization of a brand – and countless successes in between – our track record of helping clients optimize cross channel customer experiences is unrivaled in the industry. In fact, Forrester Research described Experience Engineering as a “top enterprise experience transformation firm” and recognized as “the only boutique consultancy with full end-to-end solutions for organizations seeking to improve customer and employee experiences to drive business outcomes.”

Experience Engineering continues to leverage the science of total experience management to benefit our clients.

Experiences that companies deliver have as much value 

as the products and services they offer.

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