It is time for an experience revolution

Throughout his latest writing and speaking, Carbone believes it's time for an Experience Revolution. “Experience” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue but, just as though the world experienced an Industrial Revolution, we need a paradigm shift for this new world. Carbone is continuously writing, speaking, and creating new concepts specifically around the latest [...]

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Clued In®: Application in 2020

Lewis Carbone starts his best-selling book, Clued In, with the statement “customers cannot not have an experience. The question is, how managed or haphazard is the experience?” While he coined the phrase two decades ago, this could not be more relevant in the current business climate today.  Customers always have an experience because experiences [...]

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The Power Of Customer Emotion

A Forbes online columnist made a surprising claim last week: that it is a waste of time for businesses to try to determine customers’ emotions, let alone design experiences based on them. “Don't Design for Emotion in Customer Experience” … really? Why do customers have undying loyalty for Amazon and Apple? Why do customers feel differently about [...]

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